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We have been able to build our reputation of being trustworthy in domestic and international construction sectors through our 30 year policy of quality construction, timely delivery and fair pricing.
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Denge Group was founded in 1997 under the guiding values of “honesty” and entrepreneurship”. The Company effectively performs its activities in the construction sector via its team of highly experienced architects and engineers. In its early years, Denge Group operated exclusively in the construction and wooden product manufacturing sectors. Thus far, in Turkey alone, Denge Group has completed over 1.100.000 m2 in the fields of housing, hotels, sports facilities, shopping malls in industrial and commercial segments.

In 1998, Denge Group made a strategic decision to extend its operations to the international level by opening its Moscow office. To date, the Company has completed over 150.000 m2 of work in Russia alone. Propelled by the expertise and success gained in such projects, Denge Group extended its presence to four countries by moving into the Bulgarian and Georgian markets. In its efforts to help rebuild these Eastern European countries, Denge Group has efficiently finished over 100.000 m2 in such development as housing, hotels and commercial buildings in these 2 countries as well.

Denge Group broadened its horizons in 2010 by moving into the nation of Libya, where the company opened its fifth office, has completed more than 500.000 m2 in projects in five different countries internationally. Up until today, Denge Group initiated investments in Montenegro, Azerbaijan and Kuwait besides ongoing projects in Turkey and Russia as well.

In carrying out its work in the areas of construction, architecture and interior decoration, Denge Group not only focuses on investing in business ventures but is also committed to enhancing its human resources. With its dedication to development by adherence to the key principles of “quality”, “on-time delivery”, “optimal pricing”, “technological expertise” and “customer satisfaction”, the company has grown till today.